This UK-based company was founded by Argentine entrepreneurs who believe in the richness of encouraging cultural flows and promoting cultural exchanges, and has been organising music events, cultural activities and entertainment since 2004.
The events sponsored by Connect-ar, that are staged in some of London’s best-known commercial venues, always aim at bringing together new trends of Argentine/Latin dance, theatre and music with contemporary London audiences and artists. In so doing, our work has undoubtedly contributed towards the integration of Latin culture in the UK.
From 2006, the company has developed a new area of interest, looking at the world of tango music, performance and dance and organising, as a result, the biggest London–based open-air tango event of all times: River Tango, which had its debut in 2006 and run seven consecutive editions.
This annual tango celebration, brings this unique Argentine genre to the very door of the iconic Royal National Theatre, and allows experts and beginners alike to experiment with tango rhythms. It’s an open-air, free access event that is very much in line with Connect-ar’s goals: opening Argentine and Latin culture to the world and promoting an exchange that would eventually lead to new, trend-setting fusions and genres.
Connect-ar also works as organiser of commercial music events, bringing mainstream artists as well as the founding figures and legends in the history of Latin rock and pop. One of the first events organised in the UK capital was the gig of probably the biggest ever Argentine rock musician with an international reputation: composer and singer Gustavo Cerati, leader of the 1980s band Soda Stereo and now one of the most innovative solo artists in the Latin American rock and pop scene.
Cerati had his debut in London in October 2006, brought by Connect-ar, and performed in front of an audience of more than 1.800 fans in The Forum, Kentish Town.